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Whom We Serve

SotoIP demystifies the patent process for innovators and partners with clients to identify and protect strategic IP opportunities.

Solo Entrepreneur/
Pre-Seed Startups

Solo Entrepreneur/Pre-Seed Startups

First and foremost, we validate whether a founder’s innovation is patentable then educate them on the patent process. Patentability often leads to the filing of a Provisional Patent Application at this stage as it gives early founders a one-year lead time to further develop their innovation and/or pivot. Upon conversion to a Non-Provisional Patent Application, we then assist in developing a client’s IP strategy to guide their future patent portfolio growth.

Scaling Growth

Solo Entrepreneur/Pre-Seed Startups

At this stage, we become clients’ outsourced IP partner, holding quarterly discovery sessions to mine and capture new innovations and manage the growth of a strategic patent portfolio. A strong patent portfolio not only helps to increase the overall valuation of a company, but often becomes an acquisition magnet as well.


Solo Entrepreneur/Pre-Seed Startups

Want to expand into the U.S. market? No idea how the patent process works? We work with international clients to demystify entry into the U.S. patent system so that you can meet the requirements and prime yourself for the big expansion!



For investors, we perform patent analysis on prospective startups prior to an investment, give support to investors’ portfolio companies on IP strategy and patent prosecution and perform competitive IP landscape analysis as part of the due diligence process prior to an exit event.

Areas of Concentration:

  • Patent Services
  • Patentability Analysis
  • Novelty Validity and Patent Assessment Searches
  • Domestic and National Stage Patent Applications
  • Freedom to Operate Analysis
  • Patent Invalidity and Infringement Investigations
  • Patent Portfolio Strategy
  • Patent Competitive Landscape Analysis